Top 10 things you should know about quitting

We have written a ton of articles about quitting over the years – here are some of the most important.

We have also collected all of these tips in this video if you’d prefer that format.

10: People have many bad excuses for not quitting

Quitting can be scary and people have many excuses for why they couldn’t possibly do it, even if they hate their jobs. Here are 10 common bad excuses people use to not quit jobs they hate.

9: How do you find your quitting point?

How do you know it’s time to quit? This article may give you some pointers: Find your quitting point.

8: Hating your job can ruin your health

If you are unhappy in your work, it can ruin your health. Here are the Top 5 ways hating your job ruins your health.

7: Never stay in a bad job. Fix it or leave.

It can be tempting to stay “just a little longer” in a job you hate. Don’t! Never stay in a bad job. Fix it or leave.

6: Top 5 myths about quitting

Our society attaches a massive social stigma to quitting which also contributes to keep people stuck in bad jobs. See the Top 5 Myths about quitting.

5: What makes us unhappy at work?

We conducted a study that shows what makes us unhappy at work.

The top 3 are: A lack of help and support from my boss, Negative coworkers and Lack of praise or recognition for the work I do. See the whole study here.

4: Quitting takes preparation

How to prepare for quitting. In this video, Irish career expert Rowan Manahan explains how to prepare for quitting so it doesn’t ruin your career. You can also read his step-by-step article on How to quit.

3: Don’t just go for a new job. Go for a job you’ll love.

If you quit, don’t just find a new job – find a new job you’ll love. Here are some tips on how to find a job you’ll love.

2: Ask the right questions in job interviews

How do you cut through the corporate b.s. in a job interview and learn whether this is really a good workplace? Here are some killer questions to ask in your next job interview.

1: What really makes us happy at work are results and relationships

According to research in the field, happiness at work comes from two major factors: Results and Relationships. Learn about them in this short video. If you’d like to see a more in-depth discussion, watch this video (30 minutes).

Bonus materials: 5 great quitters

If you’ve gotta go, might as well go out in style. Here are 5 really wild ways to quit. We are not suggesting you actually do any of these – except maybe the cake one :)