TM’s story: “I gave my notice and never looked back”

After reading your book I quit my job of 2 years. I remember the day I finished your book (same day I started) I knew it was time. I literally went home, told my husband, and we decided if that is what I had to do, do it.

Now, at the time I was the only source of income/insurance for my family (husband’s biz just went under), we had 2 small children, we were saving for a new house (had put an offer in), and it was at the height of the recession. I was literally stressed out every day up until I gave notice. I had gained 50 lbs, was taking muscle relaxers, and literally suffering from insomnia. I won’t even go into my work-load.

At the same time the multi billion dollar firm I worked for was running ads on TV telling the world they were a great place to work. I gave my notice, stayed to help finalize my projects, and never looked back. Eventually most of my colleagues left too.

The up side to leaving, literally the Friday night of my last day, I got home to a message from an industry leading company extending an offer for a job I interviewed for almost a year prior. Turns out they did a re-org and had to do a hiring freeze. I called them back, accepted the offer and started that following Monday.

I’m going on 3 years at my new company making much much more and could not be happier!