Kim’s story: “I quickly found a new job with a better company”

I was pushed to the limit at work today with the final act occurring when I was berated by my boss in front of the whole office.

I’ve disliked my job for a while but was using most of your excuses; i.e. I’m not a quitter, things might get better, health care, it may look bad, etc. I actually googled “resignation letter” and was prompted to your page.

I will be submitting my resignation letter tomorrow but felt I was letting down myself, family, the people who work for me, etc. After going through your website I do feel better about proceeding.

I have worked for great companies and great bosses so I know what it SHOULD be like and this is not it. Thank you for reinforcing what I already knew which is that I deserve better.

I asked for a follow-up and got this back:

Thank you Alexander, I did resign today and I feel so relieved.

It couldn’t have gone better and I was asked how they can improve the culture based on my leaving as they recognize there is an issue.

Firs of all: Kudos to Kim for finding the courage to do the necessary and leave that job.

Secondly: I often think that one of the main causes of unhappiness at work is our unwillingness to quit. People stay way too long in unhappy workplaces, under jerk bosses or in bad jobs. And this serves to perpetuate a bad situation.

I’m not saying that quitting a job is easy, in fact it may be one of the hardest decisions a person can make. But I do think that if people quit bad jobs more readily, they’d be happier at work.

I got a final update from Kim:

Thank you for sharing my story. I wanted to follow up with you and let you know that I quickly found a new job with a better company, what appears to be a better culture (Start Monday) and with a 17% increase in pay over the bad job I was holding on to.