I commit to stay

Good on you for making a decision! Many people suffer at work but never act on it – they just keep suffering.

But of course, making the choice is not enough, you’ll have to act on it too. How will you start? What can you specifically do, to become happier at work? What strengths and resources do you have that you can apply? Who can you enlist to help you? What can you specifically do and when can you do it?

You don’t have to make your whole happiness strategy now, but it’s a great idea to pick the first 3 things you’re going to do now.

Know what’s wrong – and do something about it

Depending on what is making you unhappy at work, there are many things you can do. According to a study we did, here are the top 5 things that make people unhappy at work – and some tips for what you can do about each of them.

1: A lack of help and support from my boss

A bad relationship with your boss pretty much guarantees that you’ll be unhappy at work. If this is the problem, here are some ideas for addressing it:

2: Negative coworkers

Negative coworkers can really drag down everyone around them. Here are some tips on dealing with them:

3: Lack of praise or recognition for the work I do

When we do great work, we should be recognized for it:

4: Uncertainty about the workplace’s vision and strategy

We need to know here the organization is going, how our work fits into that and why the work we do is important and meaningful. Here are som links on that:

5: Busyness / high work load

When we get really busy at work, we can become stressed and unhappy. Here are some ideas for staying happy even though you’re busy:

General tips

Here are some general tips to become happier at work:

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We applaud your courage and we wish you the best of luck finding more happiness at work.