Bo’s story: “I quit as the CEO to follow an old dream”

I was quitting a job as a CEO in a company. The company was primarily hiring me to make culture changes and rebuild the organization in a way that would create focus on innovation and development.

But after a few months I realized it was an uphill climb, because the board didn’t really mean it and behind my back they tried to stop the process, that I had started.

I told the board about my difficulties with their hidden resistance and I told them I was quitting. My life was too short to waste it on a company that didn’t wanted to be a part of the future I intended.

After that I followed an old dream and started my own company as an independent consultant on organization development, where I only had costumers that were really interested in creating development and innovation. After a year I was headhunted to another company to be CEO and create culture change. And it’s a success even to day.